Our story

For your sport, your passion…

…you put everything on the line. For years, your life is dominated by relentless training. By raising the bar, time and again. By competing with the strongest. By excelling yourself. And the feeling when you are successful is indescribable! Because that is the proof that hard work pays off. Because it inspires and challenges others. And, above all, because you achieved it all clean. A moment to be proud of.

But what if you have to compete athletes who don’t rely on their own strength? That would shatter the beauty of your sport. Are there any real winners then? You are entitled to a clean sport. So that your moment really means something. And that is something we have to tackle together.

Obviously, everybody can face setbacks. And it is precisely at those times that it is important to draw on your own strength to fight back. You have to set an example. Clean sport is impossible without your commitment. So respect the sport and your fellow athletes by knowing and complying with the anti-doping regulations. Set the tone by accepting your responsibility and speaking out. And inspire others by showing them how you rely on your own strength to compete.

But you won’t make it on your own. The people who help you achieve your goals are also vital in terms of keeping sports clean. Athletes, family, coaches, medical staff, federation staff, and other sports enthusiasts: we all need to act. That’s why Be PROUD was created. A large and powerful team that is proud of clean sports.



Our values

When can you really be proud? Of your own performance but also of your sport in general? Be PROUD has five core values: Passionate, Real, Outspoken, United and Dedicated.

You have a passion for your sport. You love what you do, and you are prepared to lay everything on the line.

You set achievable goals for yourself and you perform in an honest, clean way. With respect for all athletes and the world of sport.

You are aware of your role as an example for others. You set the right tone by speaking out in favour of clean sport.

You are part of a team with the people around you. You share a goal. And you accept your responsibility for clean sport together.

You fight on, even if you have to deal with setbacks. And you make a deliberate decision to complete clean.



Doping Authority Netherlands established Be PROUD in collaboration with NOC*NSF, elite athletes (past and present) and trainers/coaches.

Doping Authority Netherlands is the independent anti-doping organisation in the Netherlands. Its mission is to make sport in the Netherlands doping-free. It does this on behalf of the government (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) and national sport (NOC*NSF), and it collaborates with many national and international organisations.

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